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Título : Pharmacological properties of polyphenols : bioavailability, mechanisms of action, and biological effects in In vitro studies, animal models, and humans
Autor : Stromsnes, Kristine.
Lagzdina, Rudite.
Olaso González, Gloria.
Gimeno Mallench, Lucía.
Gambini, Juan.
Materias: Fenoles - Propiedades.Phenols - Properties.Fenoles - Efectos fisiológicos.Pharmacology.Medicamentos - Biodisponibilidad.Drugs - Bioavalability.Farmacología.Phenols - Physiological effect.
Fecha de publicación : 23-ago-2021
Editorial : MDPI
Citación : Stromsnes, K., Lagzdina, R., Olaso-Gonzalez, G., Gimeno-Mallench, L. & Gambini, J. (2021). Pharmacological properties of polyphenols: bioavailability, mechanisms of action, and biological effects in In vitro studies, animal models, and humans. Biomedicines, vol. 9, i. 8 (23 aug.), art. 1074. DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/biomedicines9081074
Resumen : Drugs are bioactive compounds originally discovered from chemical structures present in both the plant and animal kingdoms. These have the ability to interact with molecules found in our body, blocking them, activating them, or increasing or decreasing their levels. Their actions have allowed us to cure diseases and improve our state of health, which has led us to increase the longevity of our species. Among the molecules with pharmacological activity produced by plants are the polyphenols. These, due to their molecular structure, as drugs, also have the ability to interact with molecules in our body, presenting various pharmacological properties. In addition, these compounds are found in multiple foods in our diet. In this review, we focused on discussing the bioavailability of these compounds when we ingested them through diet and the specific mechanisms of action of polyphenols, focusing on studies carried out in vitro, in animals and in humans over the last five years. Knowing which foods have these pharmacological activities could allow us to prevent and aid as concomitant treatment against various pathologies.
Descripción : Este artículo se encuentra disponible en la siguiente URL: https://www.mdpi.com/2227-9059/9/8/1074
Este artículo de investigación pertenece al número especial "Oxidative Stress and Inflammation: From Mechanisms to Therapeutic Approaches 2.0".
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URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10637/13600
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ISSN : 2227-9059 (Electrónico)
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